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History of Sankogan

(from 1319)

The history of Sankogan can be traced back for approximately 700 years, back to the late Kamakura period... Read More

From the Muromachi
to the Sengoku
and to the Edo period

The Ochi clan was gradually weakened in subsequent years, and died out... Read More

From the Meiji
to the Taisho
and to the Showa Era

After the household distribution industry in Yamato thus survived the turmoil... Read More

Present time

At present, approximately 250 Haichi Hambai distributors deal with Sankogan. The company also has twelve sales offices across Japan, and has established... Read More

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About Sankogan

Four herbs are used as materials for Sankogan. The interaction and synergistic effect of the extracts of these herbs improve unpleasant conditions including weak stomach, overeating, loss of appetite, excessive drinking, heavy stomach, stomach or abdominal bloating, heartburn, pressure on the chest, nausea and ... See More Details

The Sankogan Museum of Pharmacy

Established in 1999
Sankogan Kusuri Museum
The museum from the garden
Sankogan Kusuri Museum
The one of the old packages
Sankogan Kusuri Museum
A mortar to grind herbs
Sankogan Kusuri Museum
A corner of the museum
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Corporate Profile

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